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Decorating with Brass Accents

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Add warmth to your décor with the new look of brass.

In recent years, metallic finishes have come more into style for interior design, and believe it or not, brass is popular again as a home decorating choice. The shiny, lacquered brass that was in favor a generation ago has been replaced by a gentler version of brass. Today’s most popular brass finishes are soft with a bit of patina. Its warm sheen can make a room seem livelier and, at the same time, mellow and cozy.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which makes it very strong, and it won’t rust! The actual color of brass is similar to gold, so brass used in non-metallic surfaces such as fabrics often looks the same as gold. Think about using brass for: – Light fixtures and lamps – Picture and mirror frames – Plumbing fixtures and drawer handles – The backsplash for a bar, bookshelf or kitchen counter – Occasional tables – Urns and vases – Trays and chargers – Drapery rods – Even a brass bed

Brass pairs well with lots of colors, including cream, white, gray, forest green, Indian red, and almost any shade of blue. Brass even goes well with other metals, including copper, chrome, stainless steel and nickel. Add brass to your décor this season. It’s a showy addition that will bring warmth to your home environment. For more ideas and help with your next design project, contact us here at The Blinds Man Inc. January 2018

Interior Decorating with Curves

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Soften your interior design with curves.

Most home interiors have lots of straight lines and square – or almost square – corners. Hint: consider the shape of your tables, countertops, chairs, artwork, rugs and more. Instead, why not think outside the box and add some curved design elements to your interior design plan? Straight edges make a room seem clean and organized, but mixing in some curved contours can take away a feeling of austerity.

Consider all rounded shapes, such as circles, ovals, arcs, bows, ellipses, half moons and even helixes and amoeba profiles. These softer shapes will add a sense of flexibility, grace, joyfulness, and luxury to your home. And they add a natural, organic feel since many elements in nature have rounded edges. Research even shows that we appreciate the look of curved surfaces. According to, people are far more likely to call a room beautiful when its design is round instead of square. Apparently, it’s hard-wired into our brains! And part of the reason we prefer curves is because they signal a feeling of safety.

Many elements in your home lend themselves to curved edges, including: – Tables – Sofas and ottomans – Chairs – Mirrors and other wall art – Rugs – Tile patterns – Outdoor decks, porches and walkways – Stenciled patterns on walls and ceilings – Even curved walls, vaulted ceilings, and arched doorways Take a swerve this season and add some curved design elements to your home. For more ideas and help with your next design project, contact us here at The Blinds Man. January 2018

Interior Decorating with Candles

Light up your home with mood-inspiring candles.

Warm up the mood in your living environment by adding candles to your décor. They’re perfect for the cold winter months and continue to add beauty all year long. Candles add soft light to a room and create a sense of serenity. Best of all, they add atmosphere and romance. Candles come in most any shape, size and color – from small votive candles to large, tall candles that can sit on the floor and become a focal point of a room.

Candles add interest to almost any room and can be displayed in many places in a room, including on: – Dining tables – Mantles – Coffee tables and end tables – Bathroom counters and around the bathtub – Dressers and bureaus in the bedroom – Window sills – Shelves – The inside of your fireplace in summer Candles look especially nice when mixed with flowers, books, lanterns, or seashells to create an artistic vignette. It’s fun to update candles for holidays, too.

Think about using candles in pairs or even larger groups, with candles of differing sizes and shapes. Always make safety a priority when you decorate with candles. Make sure, candles are at a distance from anything that could be flammable and that they sit on a heat-resistant surface. And be vigilant about putting them out before you leave the house or go to bed. Lighten and brighten your home environment by adding beautiful candles this season. For more ideas and help with your next design project, contact us here at The Blinds Man. January 2018

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